Report of the Interim Pastor – September 2019

Covering September 2019 for the Church Council meeting on October 9, 2019

Opening Prayer
Loving God: be with us and guide us during this time of transition and discernment. Fill our leaders with your wisdom. Keep us mindful of the work you would have us do. Lead us and guide us, O God, to be about the work of establishing your reign here on earth as the search for a new pastor continues. Bless all who have taken on extra responsibilities and fill them with a sense of your love and presence. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thank You
Thank you for all that you do. I know that you many of you were stunned when Steve left, and are still coping with the emotions of that sudden loss, yet you picked up and carried on with the work of the congregation. Not only that, but you continue to deal with the aftermath of the fire, the realities of our homeless brothers, maintenance of our building, managing our ministries, etc. Thank you. I am blessed to be walking with you during this time.

Conference Fall Gathering
Each Conference in the Sierra Pacific is being asked to conduct a Fall Gathering prior to the end of the year. This conference is for all clergy and interested lay members of the conference congregations. Ours is Conference 5 – the San Francisco Peninsula Conference. We will gather on Sunday, November 10, 2:00 p.m., at Unity Lutheran Church, (609 Southwood Dr, South San Francisco, CA 94080). The Primary task is to prepare the Synod for the election of our new Bishop in May during the Synod Assembly (May 1-3 in Fresno). (Bishop Holmerud’s term is up then, and he is not seeking re-election). We’ll review the Synod’s own Ministry Site Profile, discussing gifts needed for that office, and nominating individuals that we might see in that office. For more information please see our Synods website(

Video Surveillance Systems
I’ve begun the process of pricing the cost of having 4 or 5 security cameras on the perimeter (near the doors and open spaces). I’ll look at wireless systems which we can install ourselves, as well as check with Bay Alarm for the cost of a wired system.

One-year anniversary of Steve’s leaving
We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of Steve’s leaving. I’m mindful that many folks are still grieving, and that for some, there is no closure since we do not know how all the events will play out. Do you have a desire to gather together for conversation, prayer, worship, healing, etc. to mark the date? Perhaps something on Sunday, November 17?

Earthquake Training Event
On Saturday, September 28 120 Cantonese speakers gathered in the Parish Hall for earthquake preparedness training. The training was sponsored by Better Housing Policies, Inc, 945 Taraval St. The organizer (Kathy) was a former member of Good Shepherd, and then briefly of Christ. There is interest in perhaps using our Parish Hall for other neighborhood events. I hope she and BHP will be good contacts for Christ Church in the future.

Transition Team / Call Committee
Kudos to the Transition Team for planning and hosting successful events that have gathered a great deal of information from the congregation that will be helpful. There is one final event on November 10 which will entail a discussion on our future and the type of leadership skills you seek in the next pastor. They have begun working on the draft Ministry Site Profile. On Sunday, January 19 the Rev. Katy Grindberg will meet with both the Transition Team and the Call Committee after worship.

God’s Work Our Hands Sunday
Ten people made up our team which worked bagging rice at the San Francisco – Marin Foodbank. Thanks to them and Linda Wanek who coordinated.

Grant from St. Mark’s
Our Days for Girls project of the Friday Night Group was the recipient of a small grant ($500.00) from the St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Endowment Fund. Thanks to Marilyn Shipp for submitting the application.

Worship Attendance / Statistics
Sundays in September: 1st – 33, 8th – 35, 15th – 32, 22nd – 32, 29th – 31
Pastoral Calls / visits – 6
Meetings / Events – 16
Irene Owen’s memorial service was at Ebenezer Lutheran/herchurch on the 13th
Average hours worked per week in September: 50.75

FYI: My next (and last) week of vacation for 2019 will be from Monday, October 14 through Sunday, October 20. Pastor Tom will preach and preside on the 20th. Kathy Kushner will provide musical support. (More about my vacation plans in 2020 at the next meeting.)

What’s Ahead?
October 26 – Grace Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary
October 27 – Octoberfest and Ladue’s birthday celebration
November 2 – Days for Girls event in Palo Alto
November 3 – All Saints Sunday, Foodbank volunteer event, Annabelle’s baptism
November 10 – Final Transition Team Event, Conference Fall Gathering
November 24 – Oliver Bauke’s baptismal remembrance
November 27 – Thanksgiving Eve Worship

Respectfully Submitted,
Lyle J Beckman