Mission Statement

Walking in the way of Christ, we connect and care for each other, our communities, and the world.

We Welcome, Worship, Engage and Share in the Way of Christ

We welcome by: 

  • Being open to all.
  • Inviting our neighbors to participate in ongoing programs and co-creating new ones.
  • Learning from the local community about how to support them and their work.

We worship by:

  • Centering our worship on the transformative story of Jesus Christ, in which we find love, joy, comfort and challenge.
  • Creating sacred spaces where we find spiritual nourishment and faith enrichment.
  • Offering traditional Lutheran liturgy and exploring new forms of worship to deepen our relationship with God.

We engage by:

  • Partnering with groups that share our mission.
  • Offering fellowship opportunities to create and deepen relationships.
  • Working with local leaders and organizations to address social justice and environmental issues in the sunset and city, and working for peace in the city, the nation, and the world.

We share by:

  • Opening our building to the community for a variety of uses, including music, neighborhood groups, and special events.
  • Sharing our time, talents, and resources with the neighborhood and the world.
  • Helping people explore and develop their faith in this complex world by teaching, storytelling, and sharing faith practices.

CCL Congregation Embraced this vision in December, 2023.