Easter season at Christ Church

Easter season begins with Easter Sunday, March 31 this year, and continues until Pentecost, on May 19 this year. Throughout the season, we celebrate new life and the new ways of living into our families, communities, and world that come through our life of faith, grounded in love that brings hope for transofmration of our world. During this season, Easter is embedded in the things we do together:

  • Worship at 10 am each Sunday morning. During Easter season we use a Thanksgiving for Baptism as our opening, use Easter music throughout, and read and reflect on the texts for the day.
  • Bible Study at 6-7 pm on Wednesdays, in person or via Zoom. We are using Sacred Space as our resource as we study the texts for the following Sunday each week.
  • Saturday Fun & Games on the 3rd Saturday (April 20 and May 18). Volunteers from Christ Church and outside volunteers create four hours of fun and games, lunch included, for community kids in grades K-5th grade. Interested in volunteering? Find out more here.
  • Fifth Thursday making meals for San Francisco Night Ministry. Our next Thursday isn’t quite in Easter season, but comes up on Thursday, May 30. Interested in helping out? Contact us.